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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do you only offer holsters made with exotic leather?
Being a one man shop I prefer to concentrate on a medium I enjoy working with most. My production level is limited and I would rather create a holster that is one of a kind than mass produce. I believe the customer will derive the most satisfaction from an exotic holster.
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2. What types of holsters and accessories do you make?
I make pancake, practical and pocket holsters for any handgun made. This includes models for concealed carry and practical competition. I make accessories for magazines and flashlights which includes pocket holsters. I also construct belts to match the holster/accessories. All holsters and accessories are boned to the specific model and are not one size fits all.
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3. Do you make shoulder holsters or western style holsters?
No, but I can recommend Sam Andrews Leather as he has one of the best and most diversified shoulder holster systems on the market including the use of various exotic leathers as well as a large selection of cowboy rigs.
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4. I do not see a style of holster on your web site I like or the particular exotic I am looking for do you make it?
Send me an email or call, the style of holster is limited only by the laws of physics and what Mother Nature provides as mediums. If the skin is on the market it can be done. I enjoy coming up with new solutions to problems the armed professional faces.
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5. What type of exotic leathers do you offer?
I normally have access to Shark, Elephant, Stingray, Alligator, Cayman, Snake, Lizard, Ostrich, Fish, Hippopotamus, Cape buffalo, Bull frog, ect… My hides are purchased from reputable dealers adhering to applicable laws.
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6. What are the advantages of the various exotic leathers?
African Buffalo or Cape Buffalo: Known for their ferocity and awe inspiring gaze the Cape Buffalo is equally inspiring in a holster. The texture is similar to shark, but runs in two different directions giving this material eye popping appeal.

Alligator: Widely regarded as the Cadillac of leather. The belly portion is often used in a matte finish in holster construction. The texture and appearance is unmistakable to anyone as the status symbol of a serious professional. At the top of the reptilian food chain its scaly appearance makes a refined holster.

Elephant: The granddaddy of exotics, this is super rare and you are not likely to see anyone with this status symbol of exotic holster superiority on any of your fellow professionals. Not always available, this medium in a holster is something you will be proud to show off.

Fish: exterior slightly more durable than snake, but the overall strength of the material is surprising; one can not tear it in the hands.

Hippopotamus: Proving appearances can be deadly the slow moving Hippopotamus can attack with sudden fury. The hide has a velvety smooth texture with small shallow holes where the hair follicles are. There are also subtle creases in the skin giving this hide a pleasing texture.

Monitor Lizard: Small rows of scales with a natural gloss finish similar to Patent leather. The Monitors often fight throughout their lives leaving battle scars that attest to their prowess as warriors. Monitor Lizard is thin but very durable and slick making this a fine choice for a concealment holster.

Ostrich: An attractive texture is provided by the quills giving this leather a stately quality.

Shark: Lowest cost exotic and super durable. Shark also has a nice wrinkled texture and matte finish.

Snake: Not a particularly durable leather, but striking (pun intended) in appearance.

Stingray: A super durable “leather” which is actually a series of calcium deposits. These deposits look like small glass beads making this one of the most attractive mediums for holster construction. This medium is so tough normal leather working tools are eaten for breakfast when applied by the craftsman.
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7. I am going on safari and I plan to take an exotic animal, can I send you the hide to make into a holster?
Yes, as long as the hide has been properly tanned I will be happy to turn it into a holster/accessory for you.
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8. How much is shipping and handling?
  • Domestic shipping and handling is $10.00 per order.
  • All orders will be sent using standard ground delivery with insurance and a tracking number.
  • International shipping and handling will be determined as needed. We do not ship to all countries.
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